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Declare and U.S. Drug Control Agency on its Recommendation

Recommendations for the control of the transfer of medical products Issued by the Medicines Control Agency and the wishes of our sectors of the pharmaceutical industry and wholesalers only as it relates to transport and storage of medicines in pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

Must store and transport of medical products and raw materials used in the manufacture of medical products under the terms of the maintenance of the properties are included.

Must, therefore, to maintain the recommendations of the manufacturer of these materials. This may require the use of private stores and transport appropriate. We must use the temperature control systems in the store or the car to ensure their suitability for the required temperature to control the level of required temperature in the warehouse.

The series includes refrigerators all storage facilities and transportation necessary to download the product from the site of manufacture to the location of the user. In some cases it may include a series refrigerators warehouse and means of transportation and components used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical product. In each series of these must be caution to reduce the external environment quality and consistency of the product.

Requirements of Global Trade in the Transfer of Products with Varying Temperature

At any time during the year may be different atmosphere transport and distribution from one country to another or even in the context of the country itself. The weather will change constantly depending on the season and should be taking into account all these variables in the case of a transfer refrigerant. The type of charging system required will be subject to the nature and size of the shipment and by the nature of the product will be shipped or transferred and the risks resulting from fluctuations in weather or low temperatures. It would be helpful in the transfer of capital goods and transport refrigerated.

Follow the above recommendations are the product test experience and discussions with industry, and distributors will help you to know how proper storage and transport of medical products and therefore in the safety of medicines that auditors will take these recommendations into account when making arrangements for the evaluation of storage operations have factories and wholesalers.