Track Your Vehicle Now

Ease of vehicle tracking for companies and accurately locate

Service Description

Is a service provided to companies which is a vehicle location and alert the client exit of the vehicle from the A certain range or entry to a certain range as customer can determine the course of the vehicle during a previous period As well as direction and allow the company to monitor the status of the vehicle by remote control.

Technique Used

The service is based on the technology in GPS, which gives a lot of precision in determining the Sites. The information is transferred in accordance with the mobile network and technical JAWALNet and SMS.

Companies Need to Know the Whereabouts of their Vehicles Continuously and follow-up Status

Properties Tracking Service - Basic

  • Locate the vehicle at any time of day through the website or by sending a short message.
  • Determine the name of al-Murr Kubba through e previous time period and know precisely track up to 30 days
  • For the client to alert the entry or exit the vehicle for a certain range safe or taboo.
  • Determine the speed of the vehicle during the walk.
  • Alert the client when the vehicle speed exceeds a certain predetermined.
  • Alert the client when the vehicle moves outside the allowed times.
  • Alert the client at the end of the driving license or the end of the form of the vehicle.
  • For the client on the mileage of the vehicle.
  • Client alert message when you disconnect the vehicle a short distance of certain maintenance purposes.
  • In addition to the benefits of tracking service is characterized by the basic tracking service developed with the following
  • Extinguish the vehicle's engine remotely in case of theft or misuse. Follow-up and monitor the temperature of the driver's cabin or truck accessories.
  • Follow-up and control the doors of the vehicle from where the opening and closing

Properties Tracking Service Developed - Pro

Identification of the authorized driver and the vehicle and run through the pickers to identify the radio-frequency RFID

  • Rescue and emergency button.
  • And many other accessories that can be added.

The Target Population

Government facilities and the business sector all its activities, especially companies) the carriage of goods, transport, human, distribution, car rental - Retail - factories - construction - Hotels - .... Etc

Specifications of the Fund and the Cooling Device

  • New models of cars Alcantr parents and their cargo multi dimensions and sizes fridge (5.3 2.25 2.25).
  • Fund cooling isolated thermal insulation material (Albuluorithan) on a 10 cm thick injection pressure (40) kg.
  • Floor Fund Type T - SECTION stainless and help to prevent accumulation of water as well as ease of disposal and there are other types of floors.
  • 2 large rear door and side door to download small amounts of protective screens for cooling while opening the doors for loading and unloading thickness (6) mm.
  • Cooling system, a modern type of machine Termkenj separate from the car and works on electricity and a temperature of up to 29 possible to control the temperature according to the client through the control panel located inside the car cabin.
  • All our car is equipped with Bhnakl to suspend the meat refrigerated until 4 tons.


  • Comprehensive insurance on the car and the Fund and the driver.
  • Free Downloads kilometers.
  • Replacement of the car as soon as breakdown or an accident ((God forbid)).
  • Maintenance free of the car and the cooling device, except for damage resulting from misuse of permit roaming in Saudi Arabia.
  • The possibility of delivering drugs without your delegates to all areas of medical supply in the Kingdom and all the hospitals and bring the delivery note.
  • We have a tracking device of vehicles, from which we can identify the line of the vehicle and the degrees of cold inside the box and the number of times the car stopped along the duration of the trip as we were able to monitor and control the doors in terms of opening and closing.
  • Specialists in the transfer of medicines and medical products, we have considerable experience in transport operations, loading and unloading and dealing with the largest pharmaceutical companies in Saudi.